DraftBot - A Discord Adventure

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DraftBot is a simple rp Discord bot. Use the /report command and choose your action, earn money, stuff, points, and use them to buy stuff in the shop, fight other players, create your guild, and ascend the leaderboards.

... and write the next chapter

DraftBot's story is written by the players! You can join the community and help us write stories for all the players. We are also searching for testers and translators!

A fully open-source project!

The whole community works together to create and improve the game experience. Your help is more than welcome! You can follow our progression here on Github!
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Add the bot to your server!

The bot only needs basic permissions in one channel to be fully functional! All the features are unlocked without giving access to your precious server's admin panel. Add DraftBot to your server

Read the guide!

We wrote a complete guide to help you start your adventure and contribute to the project! You can learn everything about the project here on gitbook!
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